PlayStation 4 Pro

To launch the PS4 Pro across the EU and other territories, my team and I created a campaign that highlighted the increased graphical and power capabilities of the new console, that differentiated itself from the current PS4.


Show off the enhanced capabilities of the new PS4 Pro — a supercharged new iteration of the multi-million selling PS4 console. Display the true power, 4K potential, and the improved experiences you’ll find in new and classic games.


What happens when you take an already successful and loved console and add even more power? The PlayStation brand has a few elements that are truly recognizable wherever you go: the blue and the wave. What happens when we supercharge those?
ps4 pro mood board
ps4 pro mood board


With the PS4 Pro, gaming will be more vibrant and detailed than ever before. We drew upon this and utilised bright neon colours to show the leap from old to the new.

Neon colours denote the new PS4 is energetic and super-charged, with incredible visuals celebrated through colourisation of the PlayStation Flow.
ps4 pro brand
ps4 pro billboard


Following the initial pitch and mood board development, we worked on developing a cohesive art direction that answered the brief for a strong piece of key art as well as a visual direction for the accompanying TV / digital ad. To achieve this, a cohesive set of brand guidelines were created.

The campaign was released across all digital platforms — from YouTube videos to social media takeovers. The final visual was also used across the continent from in-store mock-ups to a fully repainted mural.
ps4 pro mural
ps4 pro on console
ps4 pro ooh
ps4 pro final

Software enhancement

Following the initial success of the console launch, we were tasked with expanding the campaign in conjunction with major software releases; the first of which being Horizon: Zero Dawn. The core concept of the visuals was to have the characters intertwined within the 'wave' to highlight the increased power of the PS4 Pro and its enhancing capabilities.
ps4 pro horizon
ps4 pro battlefield 2
ps4 pro gt sport
ps4 pro horizon


Art direction: Sam Richardson
Design/Artwork: Chris Margerison
Producer: Charlene Barco
Motion graphics: Matt Akehurst

All images ©Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. All Rights Reserved. All IP property of the respectful owner.