We built a permissionless generative art platform for F1 fans. Free digital memorabilia collected on race weekends, and made real with exclusive merch. Built on blockchain, loved by real fans.

    My role

  1. Creative Director
  2. Brand: Logo, visual identity, website, social
  3. Product: Product design, design system
  4. Assets: 3D asset design and production

The insight

Being a fan is a commitment, and sometimes a sacrifice. Without our voice, there is no race weekend. Yet most of the time, we walk away with nothing to mark the moment of watching a race. We think that should change.

    The results

  1. 14k+ new users in first month
  2. 35% Average repeat claims
  3. 2-3 Visits per week per user
  4. 22% users installed app & enabled notifications
  5. >50% Retention rate
  6. Power users bought limited tokengated swag
trace keyart

The concept

Races happen once. We capture what’s left behind. Traces are pieces of art made from race data, released every race weekend. Designed by fans, for fans to mark our love of the sport. This is the next generation of sports memorabilia.

We built a platform rewards fan commitment with free Traces for every race. With foundations built on chain - whatever you claim you own, for real.

By creating digital memorabilia for fans who weren't physically at the event, we developed a growing a community of people who share our belief that our love of the sport is valuable enough to be recognised.

Fans create an account which unlocks their own personal Vault. Once created, they can claim and curate their collection of Traces. Your collection is displayed in users ‘Vaults’, and they are free to use the digital memorabilia in any way they choose.

trace website
trace website

The brand

We developed an aesthetic that suited the feel of F1 without alienated future sporting opportunites. Simple block colours with a bold self confidence in allowing the Traces themselves to be the star of the show. This look flowed through the website to all social content.
trace social


A Trace is a digital collectible representing a specific race you watched live. Each Trace is designed to capture the main story of the race it represents. The base design is created using real race data and incorporates additional elements to emphasise the most memorable moments from the race. 

In addition to the flat renders, I built each Trace to be viewed in full 3D and AR. The original vision was to see your Trace not just in your vault, but your living room.    

trace exploration
Trace exploration
las vegas
abu dhabi
trace app
abu dhabi

The app

Blockchain offers huge benefits to consumers, and our primary goal was to bridge the gap between web3 philosophy and web2 functionality.

The Season Zero release was our MVP. Designed to have core functionality of claiming, and displaying your Trace. In a simple sign-up (Gmail) a wallet and connection are built for you with no clunky experience required. 

eseries Fred


The final piece to the puzzle was created a store for the Traces created and owned. All inbuilt into the app experience - we created a seamless tokengated experience. Rewarding fans with merch for the Traces they own.
trace merch


Creative Director: Sam Richardson
Exec. Creative Director: Warren Lewis
VP Client: Anastasia Almakaeva
President: Tareq Nazlawy
VP Product: Sheldon Smickley
Developers: Vedran Vidic, Lauchie Chisholm
Agency: Science Magic Studios