PlayStation VR

As part of a larger continuing campaign, we developed key art and advertising visuals to support the launch of new software releases incorporating PlayStation VR hardware.

gt vr


PlayStation VR Launch Campaign: Craft a compelling campaign to showcase the diverse gaming experiences offered by the PlayStation VR, aligning with the platform's unique features.


VR truly takes immersive gaming to its fullest. However, illustrating that sense of immersion through flat imagery can only take you so far. VR works by transporting you into the game world itself, you are truly ‘there’ when playing.
doom vr


Taking the concept of ‘being there’, we developed a series of creative executions placing gamers well and truly in the game world itself. VR removes the barriers between player and the game world, how better display that than merge the two?

To continue the current campaign of in-situ actor photography immersed in the game world we developed a range of visual concepts all aiming to highlight the sense of speed.
psvr concept 1
psvr concept 2
caffe nero mood board


To ensure that our vision of the composition was brought to life in the most effective way, we collaborated with both the game development studio to create a high-resolution in-game shot, as well as organising a separate photoshoot for actor poses.

Both BTL and ATL advertising executions were used in promoting the launch of GT Sport.
psvr photoshoot
psvr photoshoot

Skyrim VR

To launch the new Skyrim VR release, we were tasked with creating an image that conveyed both the action and immersion felt when playing the classic RPG game in an entirely new perspective.
skyrim concept
skyrim concept
skyrim concept

Additional games

To further this campaign, we worked on additional VR launches with the same core goal of bringing the player into the action.
bravo team
the Inpatient


Art direction: Sam Richardson, Phil Vincent
Design/Artwork: Chris Clancy, Phil Vincent
Photography: Steve Brown, Nigal Raymond

All images ©Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. All Rights Reserved. All IP property of the respectful owner.