McLaren x Velo Eseries

In one of McLaren and Velo’s largest ever campaigns, we created a digital content series based in the world of entertainment and esports.

The brief

McLaren and primary partner VELO aim to connect mainstream entertainers with online content creators, navigating the flourishing world of esports.

    The results

  1. 715m PR reach
  2. 136m Content views
  3. 104% Subscriber growth
  4. 34% View rate
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The concept

By introducing our talent to the challenges of racing and gaming, we’ll bring worlds together spanning all aspects of esports F1. Above all, we’re reaching new audiences by making esports accessible, challenging and fun.
The key to this activation is the sense of energy, entertainment and fun. Connecting entertainers, creators, gaming and racing all in one place.
eseries live

The execution

7 celebrities. 6 episodes. 3 live streams. 100s of pieces of content, millions of views. Never picked up a controller but up for a challenge? You’re in. This is games, sweat and tears. Preferably tears of laughter, but we’re flexible.
McLaren VELO Eseries spanned multiple social platforms - ranging from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. There was a dedicated competition site in collaboration with Gfinity hosting further information and online qualifiers.
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Our celebrities are put to the test in a range of physical challenges. Ranging from reactions, to taking on F1 driver’s routines, then taking on the world of F1 esports with training from McLaren’s own esports team ambassadors.
eseries Craig
eseries Fred


Each season features talent from a variety of backgrounds, so we created unique challenges for every episode. Ranging from Craig David rapping around a lap, to Archie Hamilton laying a table wearing racing gear, and even a drift kart race with Sung Kang.
eseries Sung
eseries masterclass
eseries S1

Beat Your Heroes

Each season culminated in a live streamed event featuring our talent racing against 18 online qualifiers. Hosted and presented by Rory Reid and Matt Gallagher (WTF1), we featured a best of three challenge - with huge prizes for the competitors and ultimate bragging rights for the talent.
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Creative Director: Sam Richardson
Art Director: Steve Harrison
Designer: Emily Simmons
Copywriter: Emma Brown
VMG: Stuart Kench
VMG: Nick Goddard
Social Content: Annie Kolatsis
Producer: Nicky Jenkins, Jack Beardsley
Director: James Kibbey
Project director: Alex Doe
Agency: 20ten