Puma x Asos

We created unique pop-up in Shoreditch, celebrating the relaunch of the Puma CA Pro. This included a physical ‘Cornershop’ experience featuring content creators and a social campaign for the brand collaboration.

The Brief

With the launch of PUMA’s new ASOS exclusive flagship trainer, we were tasked activating the ‘Insta-Alpha’ segment: Positioning the CA Pro as their go to shoe. This needed to be a high-energy moment featuring influencer seeding and social activation. Not your usual bespoke creative asset production brief.

    The results

  1. 3m Est Reach
  2. 21m Talent audience
  3. 100% Positve sentiment

Your Daily Essentials

By taking a classic feature of the high-street, we passed the concept of a traditional corner shop through the PUMA lens. Pushing the customisation and sense of ownership further, we collaborated with sneakerhead and designer Mean Feet to create a series of unique hydro-dipped trainers

Visual development

After rounds of concept development exploring different creative routes, we settled on a clear and consistent Puma brand look and feel. We worked up a series of product mock-ups and in-situ creative to guide production and sell in to wider stakeholders. Culminating in a photo shoot featuring the CA Pros and cornershop essentials.


We created the Cornershop in Shoreditch (obviously…), at Ace Corner. It provided the perfect space for both storage of hundreds of pairs of shoes, and all of the event activities and decoration.

Hydro Dipped

A text-book sneaker head, and alumni of London College of Fashion, Grace has always had a passion for shoes and design. Inspired by a pair of name plate Reebok Ice Creams she brought on eBay, Grace conceived her first design, The Playboy’s. A style so popular, it has now been replicated by customisation companies across the globe.


Creative Director: Sam Richardson
Strategy Director: Louise Odquier
Marketing Director: Faisal Mumtaz
Account Manager: Molly Beddard
Artworker: Anthony Hancock
VMG: Madison Paris
Influencer campaign manager: Jénai Henry
Agency: 20ten