We developed an app that creates a curated portfolio of charities, enabling support for multiple causes with one simple donation.

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  1. Founder: Investor deck, MVP, growth
  2. Product: Product design, design system
  3. Brand: Strategy, creative direction
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The charity sector remains less trusted than the average person on the street. We aim to solve that with Affect by focusing on transparency, ease of use, and a focus on smaller local charities.

Many smaller charities are firmly rooted in their communities and can be nimble in responding to new ideas and initiatives.
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The concept

Affect aims to empower those who wish to make a positive change by supporting worthy causes relevant to that which they care about most.
When the public suspect that charities are not showing good financial stewardship, and having a demonstrable impact, their trust decreases.
Explaining how donations are used, providing evidence of impact, and ease of donation.
Our donors are motivated by impact, value research, and look for a wide variety of information. Image is very important to these donors, and supporting charities is a key part of their identity.

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During COVID we launched a short-term solution to giving by creating ‘packs’ of charities that people could donate to. A simple build using Squarespace as a proof of concept.


Affect creates a curated portfolio of trustworthy and truly impactful charities built around what’s most important to our users.

Only donate to causes you care about, have full control over your portfolio, and have clear visibility of the impact you make.

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Think Punk Positive. Affect is a celebration of the good that charities can do.
We’re urgent, confident and unapologetic in our singular mission of restoring the trust in charitable giving.
We believe anyone can make a difference and that the change you make won’t wait.

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Affect was created to become the home of giving for the average person. We’ll achieve this by restoring trust in the giving process, and empowering existing charities.
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Founder: Sam Richardson